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Our business spreads all around the world, covering more than 60 countries mainly in Europe, North& South America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Also, we have the ability to undertake the design and construction service as a co-organizer for industries in different fields and types every year.

Oriental  Expo

Oriental  Expo  Services (Beijing) Ltd. was established in 1997, and we have been providing our exhibition and convention services in more than 60 countries, and have won over 100 national and international awards. We are awarded with the top qualifications of both China National Association of Exhibition Halls and Exhibition Engineering & Design Institution for Display. Our company is a member of the National Convention and Exhibition Industry Standardization Technical Committee. “The Basic requirements booklet for Exhibition Construction Services,” initiated and drafted by Oriental Expo Services(Beijing)Ltd., was acknowledged by the National Exhibition Standardization Institution, and has been officially issued by the National Standardization Administration at the press conference. In more than two decades, our exhibitions sectors cover Space and Defense, Construction Machinery, Oil and Gas, Textiles and Fabrics, etc. We are well-known nationwide, for the planning, design, operation, stand-fitting and booth-construction of domestic and international shows. As a well-known company throughout China, we have a strong team of show experts that are specialized in the Design and Construction (stand-fitting) of different commercial exhibitions and shows held abroad. We have expertise and are well-managed being official contractors for hundreds of shows in China and around the world. As a service-oriented company, we have developed a good working relationship with our customers, namely; different government institutions and famous companies.

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Oriental  Expo