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Huayi Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd. (OES) is one of the first batch of companies to obtain ISO9001 quality system certification, with "AAA level corporate credit unit of China Federation of Commerce", "first level integrated design and construction qualification of exhibition engineering of China Association of exhibition halls", "first level qualification of exhibition engineering of China Association of exhibition halls", "China's (comprehensive strength) best exhibition builder", "China's exhibition leading construction enterprise" honor. Once won the honor of "China 2010 Shanghai World Expo exhibition engineering recommendation service provider". And with professional skills, rich experience, high-quality service, for many of the world's top 500 customers to provide professional services.


Each year, the company undertakes more than ten large and medium-sized home conference design, construction services and home services, including:


O The 2016 China international textile fabrics and accessories (spring and summer) Expo, with an exhibition scale of more than 150000 square meters, has been a long-term and reliable partner of Huayi Oriental since 2007. As the main operator of the exhibition, Huayi Oriental has comprehensively upgraded the image of the standard booth. The new booth gives a fresh impression in terms of design, logo, process production, etc., from shape and color , lighting and other aspects strengthen the visual aesthetics of booth brand image;


The 21st "2015 China International Home Textile and accessories (autumn and winter) Fair", held twice a year, is the only national level professional international trade fair in home textile industry in China. Huayi East has been serving Huayi East since 2005, with unique design and first-class service quality, and has won unanimous praise in the industry;


Ø global mobile Internet Expo and Conference (GMIC), which has been at the forefront of the mobile Internet industry, has become the most influential and voice industry conference in China and even in the world;


As the main contractor of BCEIA exhibitions, Huayi Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd. has been serving the "Beijing analysis and test academic report conference and Exhibition" for 30 years;


Shenzhen gift exhibition, which has been successfully held for more than 20 years, with a growth rate of 20% per session, is the largest gift, toy and household goods exhibition in China jointly presented by the organizer, Huabo and Huayi Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd;


Shenzhen clothing exhibition;


Beijing International Road Transport Exhibition;


Exhibition of urban public transport vehicles and parts;


China International Battery Products Exhibition

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